luni, 11 februarie 2013

Was It An Ordinary Day?

It was a beautiful day. It was snowing so slowly with big flakes. I wanted to go out but I wasn't  in the mood, so I took a huge old book. I sat down near the window to see the snowfall which gave me a calm state.
I had a delightful story in my hands  but my thoughts were somewhere away. A lot of scenes were made by my imagination. I tried to pay attention to the novel but without success. I closed my eyes for a minute to release my mind. When I opened them I felt that I had to go out.There was something strange which called for me. I put on my jacket and when to go out , I stopped at the door and I gazed to the snow. I shook my head and I returned to my room.

                                                                                                                                          The book was soon again in my hands. I spent two hours reading in the deathly quiet. Afterwards, my eyes couldn't stay open anymore. I seated myself on the bed and I fell asleep immediately. As usual I had more dreams. When I woke up, I could remember all of them , but one. I felt as if my life depended on this. I had to remember it. I couldn't do anything. I had a terrible disposition.

Eventually, I went out even if it was snowing more and more heavily . I didn't have any destination. I was walking without thinking about anything. Suddenly I stopped and I realized how ridiculous I was. How could I do this? It happens only in movies or in books.

I came back home. Here my parents were arguing again. They didn't hear me when I entered. I turned the music louder than ever in order not to hear them and I lay on the bed. After some hours during which I thought at all kind of things , I got starved. I hadn't eaten anything since morning , and it was ten o'clock now.

In the hall I heard my parents who were still fighting. I stopped to listen to them when my mother yelled:  'We must tell her who her real parents are !'. In that moment my dream came out. I remembered that  scene was in my dream which I had forgotten.
I was so shocked that I couldn't move myself. I didn't know what dazed me more , the truth or that whole day an odd force had been trying to prepare me for it. It was a day which changed my life for ever .

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