marți, 4 iunie 2013

Dangerous love

'Hey, honey!'
'Hey?! Who are you?'
'Don't you remember me?I was sure that you knew my name. How could it happen?'
'Remember? Who did I have to remember?'
'Let's give you a clue. My bed was your scene, where you performed like nobody else.'
'Aaaa. I think you're making a gret confusion.'
'Who is at phone, baby?'
'Nobody.' Then his face became red and hang up.
'You are lying to me... Your face is always red when you do this.'

She took her coat and went out letting the door wide open. This time she didn't yell at him as she had before.The tears were enough to show her dissapointment. He tried to ignore all these and went for a walk.

He was walking thinking about nothing.For him this situation couldn't  continue because it did't seem to be real.The quiet night, the wonderful old enormous  park, the  wind which stroked him, all these could be only a dream.But this dream finished and he woke up in the place where it began. He was sitting at the same table having a  glass of vodka in front of him . The music was loud and everyone was drunk except for him .

She appeared out of nowhere  and everyone turned to watch how she was walking with light on her gorgeous face. That dangerous beautiful persuasive girl came and sat down on his knee. She kissed him softly and with a wisper of love she convinced him to go to a her place.The darkness from there became a part of them, their passion making it almost  unendurable.  It hurt him, but he loved it. He was feeling that he was alive after a log time while his life had been a white sheet of paper.

'Don't call me anymore' he said after all these.
'I won't call you. I don't call anybody.'
'You said the same thing last time..' and he walked away with lust. His mind was telling to him to stay more  and his body was moving uncontrollably.

Afterwards, at home he found his baby crying and drinking from a big coffee cup . He lied to her again, pretending that he had searched for her in the whole town. She must have been too tired because she didn't see his bitten lip and she believed him.

However their lives went on in the same monotonous way. She had some emotional crisis, but these didn't change anything. He didn't think about his dangerous mistress for even a second. But the worse was to come. The phone rang. He picked it up an instantly his hands started to tremble. His baby saw it and ran out without a word, just a tear of her remained on his hand. The dream was about to begin, or better said the nightmare.

Three days had passed since his baby left away. The phone hadn't rung and he couldn't endure the deadly silence.Only one place could destory it, a noisy, smelly, full of people place.Even if he could lose his minds completely because of her , he went there. Her aura was soon felt and the lust became more powerful. He controled his feelings and after he kissed her, he went away forever telling her that he loved her.

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