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Wuthering Heights

'Wuthering Heights' ,the only Emily Bronye's book, was published in 1847.Unfortunately her book was not appreciated when it appeared.The book tells the story of love between two youngsters, Heathcliff and Catherine, which happened in England in the 18th centurty.Nevertheless this book does not contain only a love story, but a splendid people description.
Heathcliff had been an orphan who was taken by Catherine and Hindley's father in his house.It was the point which triggered the action.Catherine fell in love with Heathcliff while Hindley Hated him.A real war hat started between them.It was lasting how long they lived.Instead Heathcliff and Catherine loved each other even after death.Their lives were not  propitious with their love.She married with Edgar Linton, their neighbour who was enamoured of her.It was a big blow for Heathcliff who wanted to revange on Edgar marrying to Edgar's sister, Isabela.Bouth couples had children.Catherine bore a girl.She was named as her mother who died at her birth.Isabela and Heathcliff had a boy called Linton. He and little Catherine were used by Heathcliff as tools for his revenge.Eventually some charecters died, little Catherine fell in love with Hindley's son, Hareton.Their tale ends the book in a grandious way.
This book is very pleasant for readers nowadays.But a long time ago there were some people who do not have a good impression about it.Some of them thought thet it is too romantic, so unlike real life.The intensity of the love, its duration and results seemed to be a fairy tale for them.Ob the other hand, some lecturers consider the subject too unfeeling.The characters have a wickedness which scared them. In their opinion Heathcliff has an avenger and his love lacks of tenderness.There are infinite and different points of view.
Personally I think 'Wuthring Heights'is a top book.The love tale is special and characters are analysed from an early age, so we can see easily their strengths and deffects.Anither important think is that the authoress used antithesis for love and hate,wealth and poverty.we do not have to forget that the authoress offers you freedom to imagine more posibilities to continue a scene until she surprises you with an unexpected continuation.All these make this book to be a perfect choice for a wonderful reading.

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